Turkish company to reveal new armored vehicle in EFES-2018 drill

Turkish company to reveal new armored vehicle in EFES-2018 drill

ANKARA – Anadolu Agency

Turkish defense company Otokar will exhibit its latest armored vehicle for the first time at the EFES 2018 live fire military drills in the Aegean province of İzmir.

The military drill will be launched on May 7 in the Seferihisar district with the participation of friends and allied countries.

As part of the exercise that will continue until May 11, a defense industry exhibition will be held as part of the exercise where 35 defense industries will showcase its products.

Otokar’s Cobra II Load Carrier Armored Vehicle, which was produced locally, will be showcased for the first time.

The vehicle has been developed for secure delivery of vital materials, including ammunition, fuel, food and water to troops during operations and to military bases.

It has superior maneuverability with the capacity of carrying a load up to 2.5 ton. The vehicle will be able to respond day and night, in challenging terrain and climate and in different operational areas.

It has superior mobility since it can be used in both urban and rural areas.

Moreover, the vehicle also provides close protection and self-defensive firepower facilities with its anti-aircraft gun that can be mounted in its chassis.

The car, which can reach 110 kilometers per hour, has a 700-kilometer range. The vehicle can operate with 120 millimeters of mortars as well as weapons of 5.56 and 7.62 millimeters.