Turkish businessman accused of ‘building villa on top of another building’

Turkish businessman accused of ‘building villa on top of another building’


A businessman in Turkey’s southeastern province of Diyarbakır is in hot waters after a large house he built on top of another building has recently come under public scrutiny. 

Abdurrahman Yakut, the former president of Diyarbakırspor football club, built the wooden villa and its adjacent structures on top of an office building in the Sur district in 2002 without official permits.

No one noticed or bothered to raise the issue until a few weeks ago when the villa’s photos were shared on social media as the businessman started to build new extensions to the building.

“The guy has built an entire neighborhood on top of a building!” one user said on Twitter.

The Diyarbakır Chamber of Architects has filed a complaint to the municipality.

Authorities accepted the complaint in July, deciding to fine the owner and demolish the house.

However, Demirören News Agency reported on Aug. 31 that the illegal structure could never be demolished because of a new regulation.

The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) government had adopted a “property amnesty” before the June 24 elections, which allowed the owners to legalize their illegal constructions by paying penalties.

Officials speaking to the agency said Yakut had applied for the amnesty, which stopped the demolition at least for now.