Turkey's indigenously-built warship to be ready in 2019

Turkey's indigenously-built warship to be ready in 2019

ISTANBUL - Anadolu Agency


The construction of Turkey’s first indigenously built “multipurpose amphibious assault ship,” the TCG Anadolu, which can be configured as a light aircraft carrier, in Istanbul is gathering pace, according to the head of a Turkish business body. 

“Approximately 90 percent of the [building] blocks are at the end of production,” Metin Kalkavan, who is the chairman of Istanbul, Marmara, Aegean, Mediterranean and Black Sea Chamber of Merchants, told state-run Anadolu Agency.

“Immediately after the manufacturing phase, fittings will be carried out,” he added.

Kalkavan said the production of the ship, which comprises of 114 blocks, would boost the capacity of the Turkish naval forces.

“We will be the 10th state to have such a ship. There are only five or six producers in the world,” he said.

The highly-anticipated attack ship will increase the operational capability of the Turkish navy, he added.

The ship, which is 68 percent indigenous, is expected to hit the seas in February 2019.

“After that, we will complete the tests and deliver it. The value of the project is over 1 billion euros,” Kalkavan added.

TCG Anadolu is an amphibious assault ship of the Turkish navy that can be configured as a light aircraft carrier. The ship is 232 meters in length, 32 meters in width and 55 meters in height.

The construction of the ship began in 2016. The vessel is intended to meet the various needs and requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces, such as sustaining long-endurance, long-distance military combat or humanitarian relief operations, while acting as a command center and flagship for the Turkish navy.