Turkey issues first degree for new executive presidential system

Turkey issues first degree for new executive presidential system


Turkey issued the first decree for the harmonization of current laws for the new executive presidential system on July 4.

The 74-article decree, published in Turkey’s official gazette, stipulates the transfer of some powers of the cabinet to the president in line with the change, abolishing the office of Prime Minister.

Parliament had granted the existing ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) cabinet authority to issue decrees without parliamentary provision before the June 24 election in order to ensure the integration of the new executive system stipulated by the constitutional amendment ahead of the president’s inauguration.

Around 5,000 articles will be amended in which all terms of the Prime Ministry will be lifted and replaced by the president.

The cabinet will abolish all laws that stipulate ministries’ organizational structure, as the ministries will henceforth all be appointed by the president-elect.

In order to prevent any discrepancy in the executive system, the cabinet will also issue enactment laws to ensure the authorization of all institutions until the new system is fully integrated.

President Erdoğan to take oath, announce cabinet on July 9

Upon the president’s inauguration, a new government will be formed and the cabinet’s authority to issue decrees will end.

The president-elect will then issue another decree, after which the new ministries will be formed and the new organizational framework will be determined.

There will be 16 ministries in total and after the formation of the ministries with the decree, the new ministers will be appointed by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

There is no time limit for the appointment of the ministers but it is reported that 16 ministers will be appointed at the same time. After the new ministers take office, bureaucratic cadres will be appointed.