Turkey blasts 'irresponsible' remarks by Greek minister

Turkey blasts 'irresponsible' remarks by Greek minister


Turkey on Aug. 10 blasted the Greek defense minister over his remarks against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on the detention of two Greek soldiers in Turkey.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy in statement said the comments by Panos Kammenos alleging that the soldiers were arrested upon Erdoğan’s instruction reflected "the latest example of irresponsible and unserious conducts of this person."

He reiterated that the soldiers were arrested for illegally crossing the Turkish border, adding that the Greek authorities had been provided necessary information about the ongoing judicial process in the case.

“Despite this fact, it is being understood that Greece, which has not met our legitimate and lawful requests about the perpetrators of the treacherous coup attempt of July 15, who are still staying in its territory, spares no effort to divert the attention of the public opinion elsewhere by constantly trying to remain on the agenda with unfounded and unsubstantiated allegations,” Aksoy’s statement concluded.