Syrian woman killed in Turkey with baby in arms

Syrian woman killed in Turkey with baby in arms


A young Syrian woman was fatally stabbed while holding her baby in her arms in the northwestern Turkish province of Bursa, Doğan News Agency has reported.

According to the report, 18-year-old Dima Ashaelim’s brother called the police after he said he found his sister dead at her home in Bursa’s Yıldırım district on June 19.

The young woman’s seven-month-old baby, Hasan Kasım, was alive in the arms of his mother, who had married Muhammet Kasım almost two years ago. 

Police have detained 27-year-old Bakri Ashaelim, the young woman's uncle, who confessed to the murder.

"I didn't want Dima to marry. I wanted her to divorce her husband. We argued over this issue and I killed her," he reportedly told in his testimony. 

The young woman's baby has been given to the family’s close relatives

The investigation into the incident is reportedly continuing.