Siemens Turkey exports to five continents: CEO

Siemens Turkey exports to five continents: CEO

KOCAELİ - Anadolu Agency

Siemens Turkey exports to more than 80 countries across five continents, the company’s CEO, Hüseyin Geliş, said on Dec. 21.

The company’s integrated production plant investment has reached 65 million euros ($77.1 million), Geliş said at the launch of the company’s new plant in Turkey’s leading industrial city Kocaeli.

The ceremony was attended by Science, Industry and Technology Minister Faruk Özlü.

Siemens Turkey’s exports will reach 110 million euros in 2018 ($130.5 million), Geliş said.

He added that the company will contribute 100 million euros ($118.7 million) to Turkey’s economy.

Siemens’ new plants, which will produce electrical equipment, will employ 1,000 people directly and indirectly, he said.

Geliş added that the company’s research and development investment stood at 27 million euros ($32 million) in 2017 and is expected to rise by 25 percent to 34 million euros ($40.3 million) in 2018.

“We trust Turkey’s power and future and we know that Turkey trusts Siemens, too” he added.

Siemens, which employs over 2,600 people in Turkey, began operations in the country in 1856. It currently operates in various sectors in the country from energy to transportation.