Pungent smell with unknown source grips Turkey’s İzmir

Pungent smell with unknown source grips Turkey’s İzmir


Officials in the western province of İzmir are struggling to find the source of a sharp smell that has gripped the city.

“Works are ongoing to identify the reason behind the smell that affected the entire city,” said Sırrı Aydoğan, the acting mayor of İzmir.

The issue was discussed at the city council’s meeting on Sept. 10 chaired by Aydoğan.

Ali Kökoğuz, a council member from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), argued that it smelled like a “sewer.”

“People living in İzmir want more information. What is the source of this smell? People are asking why measures are not being taken. We want the municipality to look into this” he said.

In response to complaints raised by Kökoğuz, Aydoğan said teams from the municipality and the Environment and Urban Affairs Ministry are working together on the matter.

“These works are yet to be finalized,” Aydoğan added.

According to Aydoğan, waste treatment systems are working properly.

“People are right to ask questions about the source of the smell. As soon as we have identified the source both the municipality and officials from the Environment and Urban Affairs Ministry will provide this information to the public. We have not yet found it, but we will,” Aydoğan said.

State-run Anadolu Agency previously suggested that the source of the smell could be a sludge stored near the Çiğli Waste Water Treatment Facility and the insufficient sewage infrastructure in the city.