Pop icon Tarkan announces birth and name of baby daughter

Pop icon Tarkan announces birth and name of baby daughter


Iconic Turkish pop singer Tarkan has announced the birth of his daughter.

Tarkan, who married in 2016 one of his fans, Pınar Dilek, told on his Instagram account on July 14 that the couple’s daughter was born in a hospital in the German city of Moers.

“Our daughter, Liya, has come to this world :) She rises like sun on our life. We are sooo happy that we can’t describe with words,” Tarkan said in his message.

Liya is an Arabic-origin name, meaning “most patient” and “the best of patience.”

Some families in Turkey traditionally pick names with Islamic connotations. Although “Liya” is not mentioned in Quran, the Islamic tradition recognizes it as the name of Jacob’s wife, known as Leah in most of the Western world.

Both Tarkan and Pınar Dilek were born in Germany.

Tarkan’s debut album “Yine Sensiz” (Without You Again) was released in 1992 and sold over 700,000 units in Turkey, according to his official website.

The World Music Award-winning Turkish pop singer has been known for the use of romantic themes in his work and has been dubbed the “Prince of Pop” and “Megastar” by the media.

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