Police seize over 250 cannabis plants on pepper farm in İzmir

Police seize over 250 cannabis plants on pepper farm in İzmir

İZMİR - Demirören News Agency

Police have seized a total of 243 cannabis plants on a pepper farm in the Ödemiş district of the western province of İzmir.

During the anti-drug operation, 23.6 kilograms of cannabis were also apprehended and one person was arrested in connection with the illegal substances.

According to intelligence, smuggling and organized crimes units found an individual was growing cannabis plants on a farm plot he had rented.

The units launched an operation and seized 243 cannabis plants. They also found 23.6 kilograms of cannabis in the suspect’s house.

The individual was referred to a courthouse where he was arrested.

On a related note, the Ankara Governor’s Office said in a statement on Aug. 29 that a total of 30 people were detained in 11 anti-drug operations that were carried out between Aug. 20 and Aug. 26.

Nine of the 30 detainees were arrested.

The police seized 7 kilograms of drugs during the operations, the statement added.

Also, in the southern province of Hatay, police apprehended a total of 81,900 drug pills and detained one person.

Security forces launched simultaneous operations on two separate addresses in the Antakya district of Hatay. Four suspects were detained.

The court ordered for the arrest of one of the detainees while three others were released on probation.