Paypal brings Fest to distant locations

Paypal brings Fest to distant locations

ISTANBUL - Hürriyet Daily News

Stores are able to increase their turnover by up to 50 percent via Paypal. DAILY NEWS photo, Emrah GÜREL

Paypal, the international payment portal, is bringing the Istanbul Shopping Fest (ISF) to destinations outside of Istanbul.

“We have nearly 110 million users. We let all of our users know about the Istanbul Shopping Fest. Shoppers from Van to England are benefiting from discounts at the Istanbul Shopping Fest,” Kıvanç Onan, PayPal’s Turkey director, told daily Sabah.

Stores boost turnover with Paypal

Some stores were even able to increase their turnover by 50 percent by using Paypal, said Onan, adding that some 20 percent of member retailers’ sales were conducted via PayPal’s Online Shopping Platform under the ISF website.

Onan said Paypal was partnered with over 2,000 websites and 1.5 million individual customers in Turkey.
Paypal comprises 18 percent of the world’s e-trade market and has a yearly turnover of $106 billion.
“E-trade will provide a huge advantage for the Istanbul Shopping Fest” said Onan.