Over 120 websites affiliated with televangelist Adnan Oktar banned

Over 120 websites affiliated with televangelist Adnan Oktar banned

ISTANBUL - Anadolu Agency

Access to a total of 121 websites affiliated with the controversial televangelist Adnan Oktar and his group have been blocked on the ground that the websites act like the media organ of the organization.

The Terror and Organized Crime Bureau of the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office applied to the 10th Criminal Court of Peace on July 23 demanding the ban of the websites.

After assessing the request, the court ruled that those outlets are used to conceal the organization’s criminal and deviant actions. Thus, the court decided to block access to the websites, including “harunyahya.org” and “a9.com.tr.”

Turkish police launched an operation on July 11 to detain 234 people associated with Oktar for over 30 charges.

Oktar was arrested by an Istanbul court on July 19 while dozens of his followers still remain at large.

The police on July 20 seized 1.5 million Turkish Liras ($312,000), 96 pistols, 23 rifles and more than 2,500 digital documents as part of a probe of Oktar.

His group has been accused of crimes including establishing a criminal organization, child sexual abuse, sexual intercourse with a minor, kidnapping, violating tax law, and violating the anti-terrorism law.

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