Motorcycle rider ‘terrorizes’ Istanbul streets

Motorcycle rider ‘terrorizes’ Istanbul streets


Eser Buse

A motorcyclist has said she did not regret “terrorizing” Istanbul streets with her dangerous stunts. 

University student Eser Buse testified to Istanbul police on Sept. 4 after her videos went viral on social media.

Buse was seen in one of the videos while driving at high speed and on one wheel on Barbaros Boulevard in Istanbul’s Beşiktaş district.

She was blasted by thousands of social media users, who were appalled by the videos. Some accused her of “terrorizing” the streets.

“I do not regret it,” Buse told journalists after leaving the police center by paying a fine of 235 Turkish Liras.

“The road was empty. I did not risk anyone’s life. I did it there because we do not have any road closed to traffic,” she added.

Buse vowed to continue her stunts “only in roads closed to traffic.”

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