Dutch man sells ‘most expensive’ Turkish Lira banknote

Dutch man sells ‘most expensive’ Turkish Lira banknote


An amateur Turkish numismatist has said he has bought the “most expensive” Turkish Lira banknote from one of his clients in the Netherlands. 

Due to a rare printing error, the 100 lira banknote is missing a zero on its right corner.

“At first, I had thought it was fake, but then I researched it and have confirmed it has high collection value,” Mustafa Gedikli from the northern province of Ordu told local media on Sept. 7.

Gedikli said he has declined offers from other collectors of up to 35,000 liras, rendering the banknote the most expensive one in circulation.

“Such banknotes are actually invaluable,” he said.

The original owner of the faulty banknote from the Netherlands was not identified in media reports.