British ‘sound wizard’ at Zorlu PSM Jazz Festival

British ‘sound wizard’ at Zorlu PSM Jazz Festival


The Zorlu PSM Jazz Festival, which will be held between April 25 and June 1 this year, has added one more name to its rich program. British musician Alan Parsons will take the stage at the festival on May 31 with his never-forgotten songs, pushing the boundaries of music. 

Parsons, who made his major debut in music as a sound technician for Pink Floyd and the Beatles, is the inspiration behind the most successful albums in rock history. The world-renowned “sound wizard” has won numerous prestigious awards and 13 Grammy nominations. He set up The Alan Parsons Project in the summer of 1974 after meeting Eric Woolfson at Abbey Road Studios and recorded 10 thematic albums that set the agenda between 1976 and 1987. 

Woolfson, who died in 2009, was the composer and songwriter of the band, while Parsons, who sat at the mixing console, was the one creating the flawless atmosphere of those songs. Aside from the adaptation of books by Edgar Allan Poe and Isaa Asimov, the Alan Parsons Project created countless hit concept albums based on various stories, such as the life of the architect Antoni Gaudi, integrating pop music into progressive rock and taking everybody by storm. 

Recording their albums in collaboration with the best session musicians and vocalists, The Alan Parsons Project made history in 1982 with its soft pop/rock classic “Eye in the Sky.” Elaborating the fine pop touches and giving weight to the use of synthesizer over the years, the sublime musical arrangements of the Alan Parsons Project brought back dozens of gold and platinum records, as well as dedicated fans. 

Parsons, who continues to work with stars as a recording engineer, producer and musician, is preparing to release a new album in 2019, after 15 years. He will meet his fans on May 31, accompanied by his band. Tickets for the concert are on sale.