Afghan refugee arrested in Istanbul for selling daughter to cousin

Afghan refugee arrested in Istanbul for selling daughter to cousin

Ceylan Sever - ISTANBUL

Maryam Rasuli, 28, and her 14-year-old daughter

An Afghan refugee in Istanbul has been arrested for “selling” her daughter to the girl’s cousin for $8,000.

Hanjan Rasuli,36, entered Turkey illegally via the Iranian border two years ago with his wife and three children.

The family settled in Istanbul, where their 14-year-old daughter started to work at a textile workshop in the Zeytinburnu district.

Rasuli’s 28-year-old wife, Maryam, recently applied to the Turkish police and filed a criminal complaint against her husband for “selling” their daughter to the man’s nephew, Bahraddin Rasuli.

The girl confirmed her mother’s account in her police testimony while adding that she was sexually abused by his 25-year-old cousin when they were alone at home.

Both men admitted that they had a deal worth $8,000 in two installments in exchange of the girl, but claimed it was "dowry" according to Afghan customs.

Although the suspects denied the claims of sexual abuse and rape, the Turkish court arrested both men and sent them to prison.

The mother and the daughter are currently held in a detention center as they are expected to be deported for entering Turkey illegally.

“Such a deportation would not be just and conscientious. We will file a legal case for a stay of execution order,” their attorney told daily Hürriyet.