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The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has removed "Atatürk's reforms and principles" and "secularism" from the wording of the parliamentary oath in its submission to the Constitutional Conciliation Commission, daily Hürriyet has reported.

Deputies currently swear in to "remain true to the secular and democratic republic and to Atatürk's reforms and principles," however the AKP's submission excludes those lines.

Meanwhile, the pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party's (BDP) submission suggests that deputies not recite the oaths all together, while the Republican People's Party's (CHP) proposal included "loyalty to the Constitution," as well as human rights.


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Notice on comments

mara mcglothin

11/15/2012 11:55:42 PM

LARA But there have been cases where politicians didn't use the bible or say the So Help Me God part as to their personal beliefs. We need to look into the one Muslim Senate or Representative to see what he did in this case.

lara ulusoy

11/15/2012 8:56:13 PM

Correction Brian Irlanda: "I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, SO HELP ME "GOD"!!!" All this is said with one hand on the bible.

american american

11/15/2012 7:48:02 PM

50% is no mandate. bush was elected with 50%, but that doesn't mean america was destined to become an evangelical force. obama doesn't really have a mandate, either. you steam roll the opposition and bad things happen. akp was a response to steam rolling by the secular 'elite'. what is going to be the response to akp?


11/15/2012 7:30:47 PM

@ Nadide Gunduz, who are those "religious zealots' in Turkey? Adnan Oktar? The AKP is barely an Islamist party by Muslim world's standard. I think that Westerners and secular Turks really need to make an objective comparison to have a better perspective. You can't compare Mullah Omar and Taliban, Saudi Wahhabis or Iranian Shia theocracy with Erdogan, just because they are all religious Muslims. Nobody is going to establish Shariah law in Turkey.


11/15/2012 7:24:32 PM

Turkey was under a strict secularist (French style) rulefor some 80 years. If the secularism is already strong enough, which I believe it is, then it won't make any difference if its parliamentary oath mentions Atatürk and his principles or not. It makes sense that a conservative Islamic based party tries to weaken this dogmatic Republican ideology of laïcité and the cult of Atatürk. Turkish secularism can do without that.

Jon Goodfellow

11/15/2012 7:14:57 PM

All this seems very much like the delayed finale to something that began in late Ottoman times- Young Turks vs. Young Ottomans vs. Salafists - with ethnic minorities thrown in. Attaturk seems almost like an interlude in a longer evolution of Turkish identity. I'm not sure the conflict is so cleanly secularism vs. religious "fanatics" that some think. Certainly my CHP sypathetic friends think so. Autocratic rule is not necessarily a religious phenomenon. Could it just be Erdogan?


11/15/2012 6:03:51 PM

They are not sure about next elections, so trying desperately to tilt things as much as possible and poison the well it seems.

Turkish Sal

11/15/2012 5:38:50 PM

Removing Ataturk's Principles absolutely makes sense as some are outdated and discriminatory. If the AKP's idea was to create a more just and equal environment for all citizens then this is a great step. But this entire concept of equality is negated when it is followed by removing "remain true to the secular and democratic republic". So upholding democracy and keeping religion out of governance are again "ikinci planda".

Diren Sesel

11/15/2012 5:04:31 PM

Turkey is finished... I dont care if they change anything, a nation who let a these people, have no respect.

Nadide Gunduz

11/15/2012 4:31:04 PM

I'm not surprised. Turkey is creeping toward an autocratic system run by religious zealots who THINK they know what's best for "the people" while trampling on their every freedom. Mark my words, the first victims of the initial cleansing will be the elite, educated intelligensia, followed by womens' rights. Once half the population has been enslaved by Islam (see Afghanistan) they will erase Mustafa Kemal Ataturk from the history books as if he never existed!
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