How to mend a broken heart

AHU ÖZYURT writes:

Now that the Turkish referendum is over, all sides are taking stock and looking deep into the numbers that show an interesting future

Comment(s) 4/26/2017

Who won (stole) the Kurdish vote?

AHU ÖZYURT writes:

A razor’s edge win for the constitutional amendments may not be President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s best.

Comment(s) 4/19/2017

Critical youth vote

AHU ÖZYURT writes:

Sunday’s critical referendum has already brought the deep divisions in Turkish society to the surface.

Comment(s) 4/12/2017

Politics à la Cinecittà

AHU ÖZYURT writes:

Turkey’s TV scene is an interesting test lab for social changes. Take one look at the daily shows on matchmaking and you’ll see the deep immoralization of urban lifestyle

Comment(s) 4/5/2017

Take right to exit

AHU ÖZYURT writes:

No, it is not your navigator giving you directions while you are driving. It is the way politics are shaping up in the world these days. Most recently, the U.S. and the Netherlands both decided to move a little to the right.

Comment(s) 3/29/2017

Too close to call

AHU ÖZYURT writes:

Imagine that the night of the constitutional amendment referendum takes longer than it normally should. In the day and age of Twitter and Facebook, imagine we are locked in front of the TV screen at 3 in the morning and the result is still “too close to call.” Who would be the real winner that morning?

Comment(s) 3/22/2017

How to avoid the noise

AHU ÖZYURT writes:

Turkey’s last but probably not the least fight with Europe is brewing over a campaign against the Netherlands and its decision to not allow Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) to campaign for the upcoming referendum on constitutional amendments.

Comment(s) 3/15/2017

The power of the undecided

AHU ÖZYURT writes:

There are less than 40 days left until the referendum on constitutional amendments that will grant unprecedented power to Turkey’s president. But pollsters are having the hardest time in decades on how to distribute the undecided voters or not distribute them at all

Comment(s) 3/8/2017

Rocky road for a vote

AHU ÖZYURT writes:

There are 50-something days left until the critical referendum that will change the executive branch in Turkey. If approved, the constitutional amendments will annul the position of the prime minister and unite the executive powers under the president.

Comment(s) 2/22/2017

A new momentum for Kurdish talks?

AHU ÖZYURT writes:

It is hardly surprising to read the statements from the Turkish Presidential Palace regarding a different approach to the Kurdish issue after CIA Director Mike Pompeo’s visit to Ankara.

Comment(s) 2/15/2017

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