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Supporters wore shrouds to show their backing of PM Erdoğan “to death” at Trabzon airport. Meanwhile radical conservative daily Akit reacted to the pictures by launching a campaign on Twitter with the hashtag #KefenleriGiydikSeninleyizUsta (We are wearing our shrouds, we are with you master). AA photo

Supporters wore shrouds to show their backing of PM Erdoğan “to death” at Trabzon airport. Meanwhile radical conservative daily Akit reacted to the pictures by launching a campaign on Twitter with the hashtag #KefenleriGiydikSeninleyizUsta (We are wearing our shrouds, we are with you master). AA photo

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan threw down the gauntlet to his rivals, including “spies” and “traitors” Dec. 22, warning them against using allegations of high-level corruption to undermine his rule or he would “break their hands.”

“Everyone will know their place,” Erdoğan told a boisterous crowd of Justice and Development Party (AKP) supporters in the Black Sea province of Giresun. “Let our friends and foes know this. Whoever dares to harm, stir up or set traps in this country, whoever tries to touch our independence, we will come to break those hands,” he said.

The probe into allegations of widespread bribery by members of Erdoğan’s government has exposed a bitter feud between the AKP and influential Muslim scholar Fethullah Gülen, whose followers hold top positions in the police, judiciary and secret services.

‘International plot’

Twenty-four people have been charged so far in connection with the investigation, including the sons of Interior Minister Muammer Güler and Economy Minister Zafer Çağlayan, as well as the chief executive of state-owned Halkbank.

The Turkish government has so far championed the idea that the investigation was an “international conspiracy” against the AKP.

“Turkey is no longer the Turkey of old,” Erdoğan said. “Turkey is no longer a country where dark centers, their tongues, traitors and spies come and do what they want.” “In the last week, a conspiracy started in Turkey with some factors in the judiciary and police,” the prime minister added. “Under the guise of corruption, there is an ugly, unjust trap. I say it, corruption is just a cover. Never believe the perception they are trying to create.”

A day earlier, four separate pro-government newspapers reported US Ambassador to Turkey, Francis J. Ricciardone calling the incident “fall of an empire” to EU Ambassadors in the country in a meeting on the day the investigation became public. However, the U.S. Embassy categorically denied such a statement and that there was such a meeting.

During his speech, Erdoğan once again blamed international plotters and “very dirty alliances” for attempting to create chaos in the country and stood firm behind the ministers named in the graft probe. “It is not all about corruption,” he said. “The nation will respond to those who attempt to set traps in order to tarnish ministers.”


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Notice on comments

e pos

12/28/2013 2:02:30 AM

Erdogan makes catastrophe in your country. because of his sick desire to be Suleyman, became the biggest dictator in the civilized world.

ilker avni

12/28/2013 1:32:53 AM

Turkey under akp have moved forward fifty years,if israel and america had its way,they would like turkey to standstill or go backwards,a strong economic inderpendent turkey is seen as a threat by israel and america,turkeys growing economic ties are not with america but with russia.

Ken Alden

12/24/2013 12:34:54 AM

Landos Landos, re your post to "Iker" please abide by the simple rule; "to each their own' or would you rather have us all submit our 'postings' to you for prior approval? Why don'y you just give a plain rebattle to the opinions you don't agrre with?

Tekir Feline

12/23/2013 11:18:03 PM

Mr Erdogan the crime is not to uncover corruption, the crime is CORRUPTION and your ministers sons seem to be involved, maybe together with your ministers, maybe even some higher ranks have their fingers in these deals. So there is the problem, we don't want people who misuse the simpleheartedness of their fellows, and cheat them like the ministers chosen by you did. There's something rotten in the state of AKP.

Tekion Particle

12/23/2013 6:31:24 PM

That cannot be true, the head of government is a traitor.

Brit in Turkey

12/23/2013 4:46:36 PM

“break their hands.” Does he mean chop them off like they do in Saudi Arabia? Turkey has an enemy within doing far more damage that any possible outside force.

Landos Landos

12/23/2013 4:45:18 PM

@ ilker avni, stop being an apologist for this regime of corrupt liars. Everyone knows RTE and his minions are corrupt beyond all measure. Time for change in Ankara.

Halil Ibrahim

12/23/2013 4:01:44 PM

Ilker the problem with your demented theories is that you don't have a shred of evidence to back it up. I can show you literally a dozen books circulated in Turkey that claim that Erdogan is Jewish and working for Israel. So please tell me where this ridiculous finger pointing is going to lead to. We all know the AKP and Gulen conspired against the Turkish Army, they have been at it for years, just give it up already no one buys your lies. An unstable Turkish republic does not help America!

Brian Irlanda

12/23/2013 3:20:29 PM

Hanna bal ,some interesting statistics. Turkey unemployment rate is unchanged from 10 years ago. The number of unemployed is higher. Turkeys education system has deteriorated so much it's the worst in the OECD with only 30% finishing high school. Turkey is still one of the most corrupt countries in the world and possibly the biggest buyers of empty shoe boxes. Last but not least, Turkey supplied arms to anti Assad forces that went directly to Islamic terrorists. So tell me how is Turkey better?

american american

12/23/2013 3:05:55 PM

ilker, america can't force turks to take bribes and steal from each other. we can suggest or encourage it...but you good musilman turks are doing it to yourselves. ultimately the blame lies with you...
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