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ISTANBUL – Hürriyet Daily News

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London-based Turkish film producer Fuad Kavur has been working on a film project on the founder of the Turkish Republic for the last five years. The lead role in the joint Turkish-Hungarian production, titled “Atatürk,” will be played by young English actor Jack Fox.

English actress Daisy Bevan will play the mother of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Latife Hanım, while actor Julian Rhind Tutt will play İsmet İnönü, who served as the second President of Turkey, according to Moon Life Magazine.

In an interesting coincidence, Fox told daily Hürriyet’s Ayşegül Ekinci that his grandmother was one of Atatürk’s English teachers. “I believe that [the film] is fate. I’ve heard from my mother that my grandmother stayed in Atatürk’s home and taught him English. If this is not fate, then what is?” he said.
The script of the film was written by Kavur, who told Hürriyet that the main theme was “secularism.”

“The main theme of the film will be secularism. The script explains how this idea caused the falling out of Ataturk and his best friend. An Atatürk scenario that does not reflect the problems of Turkey and even the world would not be interesting for movie lovers; it would only be a history lesson. But the story that movie lovers would be interested in is one that has human drama in it,” he said.


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