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ISTANBUL - The Associated Press

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AA photo

AA photo

Turks donned shorts and gathered in central Istanbul to condemn the assault of a young nurse who was attacked on a public bus this month for wearing shorts.

With chants of "Don't interfere with my shorts!" Sunday's protest aimed to show solidarity with Ayşegül Terzi, who was kicked in the face by a man, Abdullah Çakıroğlu, on Sept. 12.
Çakıroğlu confessed to attacking Terzi for what he called her "inappropriate" clothing, yet was released from custody despite expressing no remorse. He was then re-arrested on charges of inciting hatred and interfering with the right to freedom following a public uproar. On social media, critics accusing the Turkish authorities of expressing tacit approval of Çakıroğlu's actions.
A similar shorts protest is scheduled for Ankara.


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