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ESSEN, Germany - Doğan News Agency

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Actor Genco Erkal reads in Nazım Oratorio, which Fazıl Say composed.

Actor Genco Erkal reads in Nazım Oratorio, which Fazıl Say composed.

Nazım Hikmet Ran, Turkey’s most celebrated poet, has been commemorated on the 50th anniversary of his passing with a concert in Essen at the German city’s famous Philharmonic Hall.

The Nazım Oratorio, which famous pianist Fazıl Say composed for the poet in 2011, was performed by the Wuppertal Symphony Orchestra under the baton of chief conductor İbrahim Yazıcı. Accompanied by the orchestra, theater actor Genco Erkal read poems by Nazım, as Banu Böke, Thomas Laske and Camille Mocell performed as soloists and Emre Elivar performed on piano.

Say, who previously announced that he would attend the program, could not make it because of an operation.


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