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A great leap urgently needed

VERDA ÖZER writes:

Alas, the expected has happened. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) decided on Tuesday to reopen the monitoring procedure with Turkey, thereby lowering its level of democracy

Comment(s) 4/29/2017

Do or die with the EU?

VERDA ÖZER writes:

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had declared that he would put Turkey’s EU membership process to vote in case the “yes” campaign won the April 16 referendum on Turkey’s shift from a parliamentary system to a presidency

Comment(s) 4/22/2017

Missile or ally?

VERDA ÖZER writes:

The reasons and implications of President Donald Trump’s recent attack on Syria are being widely discussed.

Comment(s) 4/15/2017

Who raised the Kurdish flag in Kirkuk?

VERDA ÖZER writes:

We are face-to-face with a brand new crisis, as if there was a shortage of tension in the region. Kurds in the Kirkuk Provincial Council have voted to raise the flag of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) along with Iraq’s flag over state buildings in the province. Now - as expected - all hell is let loose.

Comment(s) 4/1/2017

The Muslim laptop ban

VERDA ÖZER writes:

You must already know the story. The United States has barred passengers from bringing their laptops and iPads on board flights from eight Muslim-majority countries. Britain didn’t wait too long to join the ban. As a result, the so-called “Muslim laptop ban” has become the hottest topic in Turkey.

Comment(s) 3/25/2017

Turkey must urgently look beyond

VERDA ÖZER writes:

The wave is getting bigger.

Comment(s) 3/18/2017

An independent Kurdistan? Really?

VERDA ÖZER writes:

The independence of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is being discussed once and more.

Comment(s) 3/11/2017

How many Kurdistans?

VERDA ÖZER writes:

Will an independent Kurdistan be built in northern Iraq? This question has long hung over our heads. However, in his op-ed for the Washington Post on Feb. 22, Bilal Wahab suggested that this is the wrong question.

Comment(s) 3/4/2017

Iraq on the brink of The Abyss

VERDA ÖZER writes:

We are all locked in on Syria. Our eyes and ears have been focused on this land. Yet this seems to make us overlook what’s going on in another country along Turkey’s southern borders, which is Iraq.

Comment(s) 2/18/2017

Watch what you are saying!

VERDA ÖZER writes:

The language and the words we use are only the end results of what we have produced. Humanity is used to create a language at certain times. However a bunch of those words passes their shelf lives in due time, making them lose their function and meaning.

Comment(s) 2/11/2017

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