Presidential system or ‘supreme guidance’

NURAY MERT writes:

The president determined the basic topic of the coming general election as “constitutional change and the presidential system,” and he has personally begun to “campaign for the presidential system.”

Comment(s) 2/2/2015

An open letter to some ‘Western liberals and leftists’

NURAY MERT writes:

I am sick and tired of all those “well-intentioned” Western liberals and leftists who constantly pose as the most understanding of “the oppressed Orientals,” especially because I was one years ago.

Comment(s) 1/26/2015

Authoritarianism as weakness and a pitiable show of power

NURAY MERT writes:

Authoritarianism has always been both a “show of power” and an “expression of weakness.”

Comment(s) 1/19/2015

The Paris massacres: Sad, sad, sad!

NURAY MERT writes:

It is sad that innocent people have been murdered brutally. It is sad that the murderers did it in the name of a great religion.

Comment(s) 1/12/2015

Brave New Turkey

NURAY MERT writes:

At first sight it seems that Turkey has turned into a great play of political vaudeville theater. Most recently, President Erdoğan announced that he will chair Cabinet meetings after he was elected head of state

Comment(s) 1/5/2015

The ‘Kurdish peace process’ and bad omens

NURAY MERT writes:

The beginning of the “Kurdish peace process” was a big relief, as it was a giant step for the government to engage with the Kurdish political movement to solve the problem.

Comment(s) 12/29/2014

The latest signs of the coming catastrophe

NURAY MERT writes:

Finally, the crackdown on the Gülen movement has been extended to the Gülenist media, and 16 people, including two editors-in-chief (of daily Zaman and Samanyolu TV), were detained on Dec. 14

Comment(s) 12/22/2014

New life and politics in Turkey: Living in limbo

NURAY MERT writes:

Turkey has been in political limbo ever since Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was elected president. This was the first time a president has been elected by popular vote, but Turkey is still a parliamentary system where executive power is in the hands of the prime minister and the Cabinet.

Comment(s) 12/15/2014

Clash of ‘non-civilizations’

NURAY MERT writes:

Nobody admits to doing so openly, but some have recently considered rethinking whether Samuel Huntington’s infamous prophecy of the “Clash of Civilizations” is actually correct after the rise of Islamism, and especially the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

Comment(s) 12/1/2014

A portrait of a failing relationship: US and Turkey

NURAY MERT writes:

U.S.-Turkey relations are similar to the stories of celebrities’ failing marriages. Everyone knows that the couple does not get on anymore and even cheats on each other, but both parties publicly say the marriage is going well

Comment(s) 11/24/2014

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