New foreign policy delusions

NURAY MERT writes:

I am afraid the president and his party, once more, are getting it wrong in terms of international relations

Comment(s) 7/11/2016

Foreign policy change but no moderation

NURAY MERT writes:

Turkey seems to be changing its foreign policy with new deals with Israel and Russia – two arch enemies until recently

Comment(s) 7/4/2016

Turkey and Brexit: Anything bad for the West is good for Turkey

NURAY MERT writes:

The Turks are enjoying Brexit a lot. To tell the truth, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is right to point out that British Prime Minister Cameron lost his EU bid and lost his country’s EU membership after claiming that Turkey was so far from EU membership that it wouldn’t join until the year 3000

Comment(s) 6/27/2016

Towards the end of order in Turkey

NURAY MERT writes:

Now, even the “pretension” is over. Only a month ago, the last link to democratic rule ended when Ahmet Davutoğlu was removed from the Prime Ministry

Comment(s) 6/20/2016

Turkey’s reaction as usual

NURAY MERT writes:

It is enough to be an adult observer of politics to think that the German parliament’s vote on the “Armenian Genocide” was a political decision

Comment(s) 6/6/2016

The rise of populism

NURAY MERT writes:

To tell the truth, I am touched by the photo of one of the new minister’s sisters; she was selling vegetables in a local market

Comment(s) 5/30/2016

Turkey as a new model?

NURAY MERT writes:

“Totalitarianism differs essentially from other forms of political oppression known to us such as despotism, tyranny and dictatorship. Wherever it rose to power, it developed entirely new political institutions and destroyed all social, legal and political traditions of the country.”

Comment(s) 5/23/2016

The biggest problem with the EU

NURAY MERT writes:

The problem with EU-Turkey relations is not about succeeding in saving the refugee deal; it is much deeper

Comment(s) 5/16/2016

Erdogan’s Turkey

NURAY MERT writes:

Now, it is Erdoğan’s Turkey, like it or not. I have been writing about the authoritarian tilt in Turkey for six years

Comment(s) 5/9/2016

We need a debate on secularism in Turkey

NURAY MERT writes:

Parliament Speaker İsmail Kahraman sparked controversy last week after suggesting that secularism should not be included in Turkey’s new constitution, as this is a Muslim country

Comment(s) 5/2/2016

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