From the Adriatic Sea to the Great Wall of China

GÜVEN SAK writes:

I recently read Henry Kissinger’s remarks in June about Turkey.

Comment(s) 8/12/2017

How it begins, how it ends

GÜVEN SAK writes:

I borrowed the title of today’s column from an old essay by the late Umberto Eco. The Western reaction to the Gülenist putsch attempt in Turkey last year made me go back to it.

Comment(s) 8/5/2017

Turkey and Germany need to increase bandwidth

GÜVEN SAK writes:

“How dare you consider vacationing in Turkey with my children?” said a wife to her husband in the back of a Berlin taxi.

Comment(s) 7/22/2017

Why do Turks smile less than before?

GÜVEN SAK writes:

“There is something rotten in the state of Denmark” says Marcellus in the first act of Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. Living in Ankara, I can relate to that.

Comment(s) 7/8/2017

‘Unbelling’ the cat in Cyprus

GÜVEN SAK writes:

In Aesop’s Fables, a group of mice get together to discuss how to rid themselves of the danger of the cat.

Comment(s) 7/1/2017

Is Turkey growing faster in 2017?

GÜVEN SAK writes:

“People who love sausage and people who believe in justice should never watch either of them being made.” So said Otto von Bismarck, the great German statesman of the 19th century, according to legend.

Comment(s) 6/24/2017

Qatari investments in Turkey: An urban legend

GÜVEN SAK writes:

The sudden embargo on Qatar by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates perplexed us all this month. It was a half-baked regional response to the half-baked American ideas presented during President Donald Trump’s recent visit

Comment(s) 6/17/2017

Trump’s Paris decision is bad for technological development

GÜVEN SAK writes:

No wonder Elon Musk left his advisory role in the Trump White House

Comment(s) 6/3/2017

The Middle East needs pluralism, not deeper trenches

GÜVEN SAK writes:

When I was in Kabul years ago, I was positively surprised to see a branch of the Agha Khan Foundation working on building a cellphone network.

Comment(s) 5/27/2017

Still serious about that wall, Mr. President?

GÜVEN SAK writes:

The United States has a 3,300-km border with Mexico. President Donald Trump ran on a campaign promise to build a “big beautiful wall” along it, and though he seems less enthusiastic about it these days, he still hasn’t backed away from the project.

Comment(s) 5/13/2017

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