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This file photo of a laser weapon system developed by the US Navy for installation to the naval ships is taken from the website of the institution.

This file photo of a laser weapon system developed by the US Navy for installation to the naval ships is taken from the website of the institution.

Turkey is looking to develop a national laser weapon system with the support of Turkey’s science watchdog, TÜBİTAK, the Science and Industry Ministry said.

“These kind of projects will be completed within five years,” Science and Industry Minister Nihat Ergün said yesterday speaking to press after an event.

“There are countries developing this [laser weapon system], the United States being at the top, and there are others doing research into it. Turkey is a country that can own these types of weapons on its own conditions,” Ergün said.

Russia, China and Israel and Germany are reportedly undertaking studies to develop technology similar to the LaWS introduced by the U.S. Navy.

Ergün said Turkey had kicked off attempts for research and development of the weapon as TÜBİTAK announced it would back high-cost defense industry projects. The serial production of the system may be determined depending on the needs of the Turkish Army at that time, he said.


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Notice on comments

mr who

6/29/2013 3:28:01 AM

There should be up to ten independent competitors from industry , academic groups, universities and the military on a off line project and the winner should be awarded a huge handsome price with no patent rights that should stay in the hands of the military .

Eric Martin

6/29/2013 2:57:54 AM

@Amer or whatever alias - Who's copying? Guess the Americans copied the Nazis for their stealth planes and rockets too?

american american

6/25/2013 6:04:25 PM

you are right dogan, just keep copying other nation's ideas. it is much easier.

Optimus Innova

6/25/2013 4:29:31 PM

Congratulations to Turkey! Forza Turkiye! Strong Turkey means more plural and balanced world. Needless to say that those in power are against it

anton supertramp

6/25/2013 11:47:47 AM

@ dani, your logic is funny, so what turkey doesnt have nobels, israels has and look at her human right reports, plus turkey has to start from one point, naturally its expected this is to be downplayed by israelis greeks armenians,turkey will certainly surprise you :) this is excellent news

A European

6/25/2013 10:51:43 AM

This is to replace the water cannons. Good luck normal Turkish civilians. The dictatorship plans to get more violent on you. Meanwhile, these stupid projects will bankrupt your country for no good reason.

ender bilici

6/25/2013 10:48:20 AM

Creating an association between two irrelevant issues only can be explained with turcophobia and allergic reaction to turkish defence industry..


6/25/2013 9:42:02 AM

When technology is used as propaganda tool to impress voters, not for solving urgent national problems, it will not achieve much. The only Turkish Nobel laureate I am aware of is the writer Orhan Pamuk. I am not aware of any scientific or technological breakthrough achieved in Turkey, please correct me if I am wrong. The US Navy Laser Weapon System is ship mounted to sustain the high energy demands and cooling requirements. Will Erdoğan put it on the Mavi Marmara #2 and attack Israel? LOL.

Eric Martin

6/25/2013 4:54:40 AM



6/25/2013 3:37:37 AM

this is how nations go broke.
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