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ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency

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Porn star Sasha Grey. Hürriyet photo

Porn star Sasha Grey. Hürriyet photo

According to a presentation on the “conscious use of the Internet and secure Internet service,” made by the Telecommunications Department (TIB) of the Turkish Parliament, 168 million emails are sent, 11 million people chat and 2 million online users watch pornographic films each minute in Turkey.

Speaking during the presentation, TIB chairman Fatih Şimşek highlighted the importance of the Internet. “It is a part of life, a unique source of information, a big library, a school, bank branch, ticket sales office and store, but also a tool for crime when it is abused.”

According to the presentation, 168 million emails are sent each minute, while 694,445 searches are made, 695,000 status are updates posted and 79,364 posts are shared on Facebook. Also, more than 6,600 photographs are uploaded to Flickr, 11 million people chat on Messenger, and more than 600 videos are shared on Youtube in the same period of one minute.

The presentation also stated that the Internet gives uninvited persons the opportunity to visit homes. It opens up risks like child abuse, pornography, sharing of personal information, pornographic messages, Internet addiction, communication with strangers and harmful software, the presentation reported.

Of children between the ages of 13 and 17, 62.5 percent connect to the Internet in a room separate from their parents or guardians. The Internet is used most by young people, according to the report.

“Eighty-five percent of children have a Facebook profile, and 13 percent of these are under 13. Also, 42 percent of children share their personal information with everyone,” said the report.


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