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AA Photo

AA Photo

Humanitarian Relief Foundation (İHH) President Bülent Yıldırım is being investigated for allegedly financing al-Qaeda through his organization, daily Habertürk has reported.

The probe, led by an Istanbul specially authorized prosecutor, accuses Yıldırım of “providing financial aid to al-Qaeda via his foundation” with absolute secrecy, reportedly without official numbering and identification.

A Diyarbakır specially authorized prosecutor has also been leading a similar case into Yıldırım, Habertürk reported.

Yıldırım was the İHH’s head during the 2010 Mavi Marmara flotilla incident and recently mediated the release of two Turkish journalists kidnapped in Syria, as well as the release of 11 Iranians last February that were kidnapped by the Free Syrian Army.
The İHH is an Istanbul-based aid foundation.


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Notice on comments

Chas Spencer

6/15/2012 7:41:02 PM

DanyC&Danny b. You two remind me of Hackle&yekle Cartoon, claiming in unisom, "Israel told you so" I gues you expect that the World should stand at Attention when Israel talks. Was this sensetive info passed by diplomatic channels, as it shouls be or just used in the Newsmedia as "trow away' aftertought. Contribution by CARLOS in this column, certainly a new light on this issue, Israel was invited to inspect Mavi Marmara before hand & instead the IDF attacked. Nice, very Nice!

Rimon Tree

6/15/2012 5:24:38 PM

@ Carlos Riding on the same old commonplaces? Come on, it's getting boring! They were not hijacked and they attacked the soldiers, the only ship which did this, read the Palmer report. And I would wish that MY country would protect me as well in a case of emergency as Israel does with her citizens. I suppose if Erdogan does not succed in suppressing the investigation, he will have some difficulties to hold on to his demands!

mara mcglothin

6/15/2012 4:38:44 PM

Surely not the benevolent folks who provided the Mavi Marmara! Can anyone say Lighthouse? Isn't about time to look into that as well? CARLOS So why only one boat in 20 had a problem?


6/15/2012 2:33:26 PM

Here comes the old cliche, "we told you so..." Regards

carlos valds

6/15/2012 2:27:21 PM

The reason for the violence on the Mavi Marmara was because israel committed piracy by boarding a Turkish ship on the high seas. Israel was invited to inspect the ship before it sailed and it refused to do so. Instead it executed mercilessly 8 Turks and 1 US citizen. I wish my country stood up for its citizens like Turkey stood up for its citizens. israel needs to apologize and give names of the murderers for trial. I am extremely happy Turkey is pursuing criminal charges against the israelis.

dede toren

6/15/2012 12:28:22 PM

What a surprize? Deep the investigation and you'll find that not only that the "president" is a terror supporter but most of the "peace activists" that confront and brutally attacked the IDF soldiers on the Marmara are made from the same material if not worse.


6/15/2012 12:16:31 PM

First of all, a BIGBIGBIG chapeau to the Turkish Judicial System for having the courage to investigate the İHH and its president. Israel constantly insisted the organization is bordering, if not actually involved, in terrorism. The Palmer Report accuses Erdoğan for supporting the illegal attempt of breaking through the legal Israeli blockade. Now who is left with egg on his face? Who could avoid the unfortunate deaths on the Mavi Marmara? Who should apologize to whom?

Danny B Danny

6/15/2012 12:15:49 PM

So where are the "Freedom Fighters" from the Mawi Marmara? Wonder after all the incitement against Israel , will someone in Turkey will have the political honesty and say that the Turkish pm supporting the IHH and giving any assistance required to send this cursed flotilla to Gaza was a mistake? I doubt it. But the "Middle East Spring" and the friends from Iran and Syria proved exactly whom you are dealing with.

Rimon Tree

6/15/2012 10:46:49 AM

Now this is the proof why the Marvi incident got violent: The esteemed PM was sending terrorists to Gaza, small wonder since he is still a terrorist supporter, calling them "freedom fighters" does not make a difference!
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