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Turkey’s three leading satirical magazines, Leman, Penguen and Uykusuz, have opted for a common cover Jan. 15 in tribute of Charlie Hebdo, the French weekly targeted by a deadly attack last week that has been a source of inspiration for prominent Turkish cartoonists.

The cover features a dialogue box with the inscription of the solidarity slogan “Je suis Charlie” with a black background as a sign of mourning for the 12 victims of the attack.

The three magazines said in a common statement that they wanted to stand united while commemorating their peers who died in the attack.

“We hope that this solidarity will bring some consolation. We condemn the armed terrorism targeting the cartoons. We wish for a world ruled by a language of peace in which freedom of thought isn’t oppressed and the media isn’t attacked,” it said.

Many readers unable to find magazines

All three magazines received a number of online complaints that it was not possible to find them in some areas. In response, Leman's managing editor Zafer Aknar said they were trying to figure out if the distribution had been disrupted intentionally by certain distributors or other parties.

Before opting for the common version, Leman had previously announced a cover featuring a photo of veteran cartoonist Geroge Wolinski wearing a taqiyah during a visit to Istanbul’s Eyüp Sultan Mosque. Penguen had also released a drawing showing the Penguin on its logo in tears as it lays a carnation on a Charlie Hebdo magazine.

The three magazines are known for their irreverent sarcasm, not unlike Charlie Hebdo, as well as lampooning Turkish politicians and ordinary citizens alike.


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