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Sierra is seen walking alone from the Eminönü neighborhood toward Cankurtaran, near the city walls where she was later found murdered.

Sierra is seen walking alone from the Eminönü neighborhood toward Cankurtaran, near the city walls where she was later found murdered.

Some of the final footage showing Sarai Sierra, an American mother of two who was slain last month, has emerged, Doğan News Agency revealed Feb. 16. 

In the short security camera footage distributed to the press and recorded on Jan. 21, the day Sierra is said to have disappeared, she is seen walking alone from the Eminönü neighborhood toward Cankurtaran, near the city walls where she was later found murdered. 
Images from security cameras were also released on Feb. 15, the same day that Sierra was laid to rest in Staten Island, New York. Sierra’s body was found by police Feb. 2.
Turkish police are reportedly searching the country for a man known as “Laz Ziya” or “Ziya T.” who is thought to be the number-one suspect in the murder.

Ziya T., who earns his living collecting and selling used paper, reportedly left Istanbul right after Sierra’s body was found by police.
According to police reports, after leaving Istanbul, Ziya T. went to his sister’s house in the northwestern province of Karabük where he spent three days, leaving after his sister gave him 100 Turkish Liras. He told his family he was heading for the southern province of Hatay.

Slain US mother Sarai Sierra's final footage revealed


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Notice on comments

lara ulusoy

2/18/2013 1:02:48 PM

Red Tail, ur making the US sound like a perfect holy place where nothing bad happens to anybodyThe US is the last place on earth to be set as an example here.The SMS is presented in the US through millions of other ways where women r treated like slaves by drug dealers,gangsters or sick people.. If you want to compare Saudi Arabia to the US (not that I agree to the SMS point) you should first balance things based on facts and the fact is women are abused savagly in the US much more than SMS does

Nani Nani

2/18/2013 12:09:37 AM

Remember that women in Turkey are owned as much as they are in the West especially in the US. Matter of fact from I have seen, heard and talked with women in the National Organization of Women (USA) women in Turkey have more freedom than women in US, Switzerland and some other European countries. This applies to women of professional and educated classes; if you compare women in poorer and less educated regions, there is no difference in women's treatment.

Tekion Particle

2/17/2013 10:12:34 PM

There is a lot aggressive defence is waged by female bloggers here. No one is disputing that an innocent person’s life has prematurely ended by a murderer. No one is saying women is owned by men, but a married mother of two travelling alone to a faraway land which as I understand she has never been to before is a little odd to say the least. Most of my friends and colleagues are Europeans and I cannot imagine anyone I know would merrily send their wives to a faraway country in that manner.

lara ulusoy

2/17/2013 9:55:35 PM

There should be more respect to each partner's opinion based on certain values. It has nothing to do with "ownership" nor it has any relationship to the 'FREE" almighty 'WEST"and based on what theory did you manage to generalize the Eastern way of living?Men and women r in danger where sick people r around, but it's a fact we all know that women are usually in more danger whether in Istanbul or anywhere else in the world. Especially when so dangerously naive! A 2nd opinion should be respeced.

Red Tail

2/17/2013 9:45:46 PM

Lara. In Saudi Arabia, and a woman goes abroad, the husband gets an SMS informing him that his wife is at the airport and about to leave the country. Is it something like that you suggest that the US should implement?

Blue Dotterel

2/17/2013 6:46:02 PM

Richard, What is so "handy" about these security cameras? They weren't used to identify the murderer, and we already knew that this woman was going to to the Galata Bridge, and her body was found by the Seraglio Point Wall. Are they "handy" because they let us view the woman, voyeur like, as she approaches her death? Strange comment.

andrea dealmagro

2/17/2013 4:31:13 PM

Lara, why should I have to bring along a man, besides my carry-on, to travel? :) The murder of Sarai has gained so much notoriety because it is a rare occurrence in Istanbul - in my opinion an overall safe city when compared to others where the pickpocket starts by putting a gun to your face. But sometimes not knowing is dangerous: Sarai could have safely taken metro at Eminonu and be in Sultanahmet in 5 minutes. Cost: 3 Lira. Pity.

sam stevens

2/17/2013 10:24:41 AM

Lara Ulusoy. Why shouldn't a woman travel alone, or do you mean she shouldn't travel alone in Turkey ? I have travelled alone for years as do millions of women in the FREE world. That to even Egypt ,Morocco, Israel & Africa, this woman was in a city not the wildwest ! Get to grips with the violence over there or tourism will suffer. Blaming her & not the murderer is simply archaic.

Richard Wyatt

2/17/2013 10:21:56 AM

Lara asks "How on earth could her husband agree to this trip?" Please remember that women in the West are not owned by their husbands.

lara ulusoy

2/16/2013 11:12:06 PM

This is weird! Why should he stay in a very obvious address for three whole days when he knows that the police found Sarai's body and are searching for the murderer?Besides and again,why didn't he take her jewelry if he is in desparate need of even a 100 Liras? DNA results will tell.She should not have travelled on her own, no matter what some might think, because it all has to do with security and safety, nothing else and being so 'naive' if so how on earth could her husband agree to this trip?
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