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Egyptian revolution: Part 2

Egyptian revolution - "The Clash"

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Girl gives birth while walking, leaves baby on pavement

Turkish police beat Gezi protesters hiding in parking garage in Antalya

Shuttle bus bursts into flames on main road in Istanbul, causing traffic chaos during morning commute

Turkey’s changemakers: Architecture is for all

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Workers climb 50-meter-high crane to protest unpaid salaries at construction site in Adana

Turkey’s Changemakers: Children of Anatolia with 12 Languages

Turkey’s changemakers: The light of science is in village schools

Turkey’s changemakers: Architecture is for all

Turkey’s changemakers: A changemaker village at the sides of Kaz Mountains

Iraqi Defense Ministry releases footage of air strikes on ISIL bases

Turkey’s changemakers: LISTAG: A trailblazing group working against discrimination

Turkey’s changemakers: ‘You watch a movie and your life changes’

Footage showing search and rescue efforts inside Karaman mine released

Turkish pilots give full marks to locally co-manufactured assault helicopter

Clashes between PYD and ISIL continue near Turkish border

Turkish tanks take up position on Syrian border next to besieged Kurdish town

Istanbul bridges destroyed with explosives

Greenpeace activists detained in Turkey for protesting thermal power plant

Shuttle bus bursts into flames on main road in Istanbul, causing traffic chaos during morning commute

2nd AIMA Music Festival held in Ayvalık

Pilot's last-minute maneuver prevents huge accident at Barcelona airport

TOMA joins cleaning work as Istanbul road covered by cement after traffic accident

Rescued turtle released to Aegean Sea after three-month treatment

Obama captured on video working out in hotel gym

Women caught on camera while stealing aid money for families of Soma victims

Turkey’s Changemakers: Another school is possible

Search and rescue team releases footage from operation inside Soma mine

İzmir police intervene as thousands protest Soma mine disaster

Footage shows workers trying to escape from deadly disaster at Soma mine

New footage of slain Gezi protester Ali İsmail Korkmaz revealed

Light plane deploys parachute to make 'soft' landing in Sydney

Turkey’s Changemakers: Capital of slowness: Seferihisar

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