What’s the problem with the Middle East?

GÜVEN SAK writes:

What comes to your mind when you think about the Middle East? For me, it’s the low level of connectivity.

Comment(s) 12/13/2014

Why are Turkish men paying out of their noses to be exempt from military service?

GÜVEN SAK writes:

I was in Israel last week, where I saw a picture of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his wife posing with their youngest son, who is about to be conscripted into the Israeli army

Comment(s) 12/6/2014

Actions and words in Turkey

GÜVEN SAK writes:

Here are two presidential addresses to consider from November 2014: President Barack Obama talked about net neutrality, while President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan talked about gender equality (or lack thereof).

Comment(s) 11/29/2014

Nothing personal, Mr Biden

GÜVEN SAK writes:

Have you seen the latest Pew Attitudes Survey on Turkey? Only 19 percent of Turks have a favorable opinion of the United States. The Americans I talk to appear to be offended by this.

Comment(s) 11/22/2014

Behold the judges in Ankara

GÜVEN SAK writes:

These days, I am increasingly hearing that Turkey is becoming less democratic and more authoritarian. I disagree, if I may. Let me explain.

Comment(s) 11/15/2014

Why do investors pick Brazil over Turkey?

GÜVEN SAK writes:

I was at a meeting in Beijing this week. The city had plenty of blue sky and light traffic. I was told authorities had arranged this in order to fix their image before the APEC meetings.

Comment(s) 11/8/2014

How to deal with the Jihadist International?

GÜVEN SAK writes:

The Jihadist International is a growing phenomenon. Like the Communist International of the early 20th Century, this movement feeds on domestic inequality, and contrary to popular perception, its breeding ground is also in the West.

Comment(s) 11/1/2014

Is Kobane a Trojan horse for Turks?

GÜVEN SAK writes:

Turkey is ambivalent on the siege of Kobane. The city lies in the Ottoman Governorate of Syria and was built in 1912 around a train station along the Baghdad Railway.

Comment(s) 10/25/2014

Is the G20 still policy relevant?

GÜVEN SAK writes:

The world has changed. In the past, the most powerful seven countries were enough to govern the rest of the world.

Comment(s) 10/18/2014

How fragile we are

GÜVEN SAK writes:

I’ve had a song by Sting stuck in my head for the past two days. Remember the one that goes, “Nothing comes from violence and nothing ever could/For all those born under an angry star/Lest forget how fragile we are.”

Comment(s) 10/11/2014

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