From Star Trek to Star Wars

GÜVEN SAK writes:

Earlier this week, venture capitalist Peter Thiel categorized Star Trek as “communist” and Star Wars as “capitalist” to Maureen Dowd of the New York Times. Why?

Comment(s) 1/14/2017

Turkey’s new IPR legislation

GÜVEN SAK writes:

“The times, they are a changing,’” sang the bard and a recent Nobel laureate, and of course they are. Check the headlines of newspapers published on Jan. 1 if you want to see what I mean. Here is one from Iceland; “First child of 1980 gave birth to the first child of 2017.”

Comment(s) 1/7/2017

A year of unknowns

GÜVEN SAK writes:

People made fun of it at the time, and long afterwards, but it’s a nice way of expressing a very important distinction.

Comment(s) 12/31/2016

Turkey under siege?

GÜVEN SAK writes:

All of us in Turkey are remnants of an empire that crumbled at the turn of the last century. I was born in Bursa, in western Turkey. My mother’s Tatar ancestors came to Bursa from Romania during the Balkan Wars

Comment(s) 12/24/2016

Welcome to the age of global reckless driving

GÜVEN SAK writes:

Donald Trump will become U.S. president in a few weeks. The silence is deafening.

Comment(s) 12/17/2016

At the gates of Europe

GÜVEN SAK writes:

Last I checked, on Dec. 8, it had dwindled down to 0. Just 14 months ago, on Oct. 20, 2015, it was more than 10,000, mind you. Prefer long-term averages? The daily average was around 5,000 for November 2015 and 66 for November 2016.

Comment(s) 12/10/2016

Europe needs a Turkey strategy

GÜVEN SAK writes:

The European Parliament has recommended to the European Commission a temporary freeze of accession negotiations with Turkey.

Comment(s) 11/26/2016

Why the Trexit debate?

GÜVEN SAK writes:

There have been many articles about “Trexit” in the Turkish media since President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan raised the possibility of a referendum on Ankara’s EU membership bid. The term, of course, is derived from “Brexit,” and implies that Turks will vote their way out of the EU, just as the British did

Comment(s) 11/19/2016

The exodus?

GÜVEN SAK writes:

I have been hearing the same question a lot lately.

Comment(s) 11/12/2016

Welcome to the Grand Hotel Abyss

GÜVEN SAK writes:

The day after that dreadful night of the failed coup in Turkey, tens of thousands of Venezuelans were crossing the Colombian border. The weekend of July 16-17 witnessed around 135,000 Venezuelans making the trip. They walked there, and they walked back. Why you may wonder?

Comment(s) 11/5/2016

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