Brexit has made Turkey more important to the West

GÜVEN SAK writes:

The Brexit campaign made a big issue about the unlikely scenario of a Turkey imminently joining the EU and 80 million Turks suddenly migrating to their island

Comment(s) 6/25/2016

Just check the loan-to-deposit ratio

GÜVEN SAK writes:

I believe that Turkey belongs to the West, because despite everything, it shares certain values we usually refer to as democracy, the rule of law, liberty, you name it

Comment(s) 6/18/2016

The Bundestag decision is about German politics

GÜVEN SAK writes:

Germany is Turkey’s number one trading partner, while Turkey is among Germany’s top 10 trading partners

Comment(s) 6/4/2016

Turks care more about democracy than visa free travel

GÜVEN SAK writes:

Have you seen Kadir Has University’s latest Survey of Perspectives on Turkish Foreign Policy? Well, I find its results rather interesting. Some 55 percent of Turks think that Turkey needs to be more active in the Middle East

Comment(s) 5/28/2016

China’s slowdown and Turkey’s window of opportunity

GÜVEN SAK writes:

China is changing, and the world feels the shockwaves, far and wide

Comment(s) 5/21/2016

Why Turkey is no Brazil

GÜVEN SAK writes:

Political tensions are high in both Brazil and Turkey. Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was impeached this week. Yet Turkey is no Brazil

Comment(s) 5/14/2016

Executive authority and political leadership: Where the twain shall meet

GÜVEN SAK writes:

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu had a choice this week: Either define a modus operandi for cohabitation a la Turca, or step down

Comment(s) 5/7/2016

What Gazans need

GÜVEN SAK writes:

Gaza has many problems

Comment(s) 4/30/2016

What Gaza needs

GÜVEN SAK writes:

I first visited Gaza in 2003, which was only 10 years after the Oslo Accord

Comment(s) 4/23/2016

Don’t lose sight of the forest over the trees

GÜVEN SAK writes:

I was in Washington, D.C. this week. Having attended multiple panels on the region, I heard so many negative things about the current state of affairs in Turkey

Comment(s) 4/16/2016

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