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Daily News Photo, Emrah Gürel

Daily News Photo, Emrah Gürel

Nine suspects, all Turkish citizens, have been detained over alleged connections to the Reyhanlı bombs on May 11 that killed 46 people, with officials still looking for a few more, according to Deputy Prime Minister Beşir Atalay.

Accompanied by Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin, Interior Minister Muammer Güler and Health Minister Mehmet Müezzinoğlu, Atalay told members of the press that the nine suspects had been identified through their own confessions and statements.

Atalay also said 38 of the victims had been identified, three of which are Syrian citizens. “What is aimed at here is provocative sensation, an attempt to form negativity toward the refugees. Citizens must beware of that.”

Güler added that one of the nine suspects detained was the person who planned the incident and was involved in hiding the vehicle.

“Since yesterday, an atmosphere has been created as if other organizations had been claiming the act. It has nothing to do with the Syrian refugees or the Syrian opposition,” Güler said.

Over 732 workplaces, 62 vehicles, eight public buildings and 120 individual houses have been damaged by the explosions, Güler added, assuring citizens that the damage would be taken care of by state officials in the framework of the related laws.

Müezzinoğlu said 155 wounded have applied to hospitals, with 55 of them still receiving treatment. Seven of those are Syrian nationals, he added. Twenty-four people are still in critical condition, he said.

'No links with al-Qaeda'

In a later statement, Güler said that the attack did not appear to have any links to al-Qaeda, and also insisted that neither Syrian opposition nor refugees were involved in the attack. "The perpetrators are directly related to pro-Syrian regime organizations and were in contact with the [Syrian intelligence] Mukhabarat," he said.

Güler also added that the materials had been smuggled illegally from Syria, while the cars were bought in Turkey. "The bombs were loaded onto the cars in workshops. The culprits and their accomplices then took the cars to [Reyhanlı] and set them off," he said, adding that the bombs were detonated by remote control, according to initial examinations.


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Notice on comments

mara mcglothin

5/13/2013 3:13:50 PM

Time to tighten the borders before it is too late!

Eric Martin

5/12/2013 11:47:09 PM

This was an act of war. Erdogan looks lost and weak. This the third provocation including the other border gate bombing, the F2 plane attack and the mortar attack. Saying we wont be dragged into it is silly. He killed our people on our soil.

enes kass

5/12/2013 7:24:08 PM

Sorry our Turkish brothers / sisters who are standing with us through the hard days. The Assad madness could do anything to stay in power. We could have never imagined a ruler kills his children and wipe out a whole cities of his own country and attack his neighbors. This sick minded person must be stopped. Our great condolence to our dear friends in Reyhanli on their martyrs. God bless and protect Turkey. Enes /// Syrian

ilker avni

5/12/2013 6:57:59 PM

"HANG THEM" Bring back hanging,all terroists should be hanged,killers of women and children should allso be hanged,maybe then they will think twice,why should they be allowed to murder innocent people who are used as targets and keep they lives because do gooders who have gone to far.Muslims should face the full Sharia law,they should lose they heads.

alkan alkan

5/12/2013 4:47:30 PM

"Nine suspects, all Turkish citizens, have been detained over alleged connections to the Reyhanlı bombs" We were told this was done by Asad, Muhabarat, Syrian Agents etc etc etc. It is now for RTE and Davut to explain this latest twist in the news..!

Selma Al

5/12/2013 3:26:30 PM

Whoever did this should receive maximum punishment. Horrific ! I hope they get them all asap.

dogan kemal ileri

5/12/2013 2:42:47 PM

Its times like these one is severely tempted to forget about liberakism and wish to bring back hanging.Well done the Turkish secret service,police and jandarma for such speedy work in apprehending some of the terrorists.

Rimon Tree

5/12/2013 1:56:56 PM

This seems a bit early for me to know for sure who it was. Alsways Turkey is in such a hurry and then it turns out that they did the wrong combinations!

David Cuthell

5/12/2013 1:35:09 PM

This looks to be a shining example or solid police work as well as supportive comments from the government which, so far, should be applauded for its balance and effectiveness. This act was barbaric and the best lesson for all will come as the perpetrators are all brought to justice and due process unfolds.
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