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ERZURUM - Doğan News Agency

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Nine people arrested on allegations of helping Iraian spies in Iğdır. AA photo

Nine people arrested on allegations of helping Iraian spies in Iğdır. AA photo

Nine people, arrested on claims of aiding Iranian spies in the eastern province of Iğdır, have been taken to the neighboring province of Erzurum and sent to the city’s courthouse.

A group who took the photos of places such as the Governor’s Office, the National Intelligence Agency (MİT), and the Police Office in Iğdır, were arrested last year. Now, a group of nine others have been detained on claims of aiding and abetting them.

It is claimed that they formed an organization in order to obtain information about the state’s security and spied for Iran. Following searches conducted in the houses and workplaces of the suspects, a number of documents, visual records of the security units on the border, an automatic Kalashnikov rifle, and shotguns were found. The nine detained suspects were sent to Erzurum Courthouse after being questioned in Iğdır.

“After being appointed to Iğdır, we saw that circumstances had matured, so we started an operation,” Iğdır Governor Ahmet Pek said about the incident.


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ilker avni

9/2/2012 5:00:18 AM

@ Turk Uzan I think your the one confused my frend let me explain.Turkey gave a order to America for one hundred f-35 planes.Israel has allready around two dozen of these planes,they are minor faults with the plane.Israel has objected the sale of these planes to Turkey,allso another problem America does not want Turkey to change frendley or foe codes,installed in the f-35s.Israel and turkey relations has not changed,trade is booming with Turkey.I agree with you israel must say sorry.

Turk Uzan

9/1/2012 6:25:13 PM

@ Ilker I believe you are confused, the f35 is not an Israeli plane nor does Israel participate .. how are we getting the f35? You want to fly an unfinished plane? Hahaha. Also for us to mend ties with Israel, Israel should apologize first no matter what, those people were our civilians. @ Ismail Hijazi, spot on .. Israel and Turkey are at odds now, but we are kinda on the same (sinking) ship, so I do believe we have to work together to close to holes/fix the leak. Good Work M.I.T


9/1/2012 4:42:41 PM

Nice work M.I.T. !!!

Ismail Hijazi

9/1/2012 12:02:43 PM

It is clear now that the world has abandoned the Syrian people and Turkey to face the evil axis of Iran-Alawites Syria-ppk-Hizbulat-Russia alone. The west does not want to take on this evil axis because it is afraid of the high cost of this conflict. For the west this is not necessarily an existential strugle, the west can afford to wait and see what happens and hope that things on the ground wil change to it's likening. Israel is the other country for whom this is an existential struggle.

ilker avni

9/1/2012 5:13:28 AM

I read in the Iranian news channel that the Iranian national guard captured PKK second in command , when they sliped across the border to escape Turkish air raids,when the Turkish inteligence found out and asked for him to be handed over, iran denied having him..They is a old saying "My Enemys enemy is my frend".Turkey needs to wake up to Irans dirty tricks,Turkey should open its skies to Israeli jets and mend ties with israel,then maybe it will get the f-35s and the helicopters it asked for.
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