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DHA Photo

DHA Photo

Some 42 members of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) have been killed in operations in the eastern province of Hakkari’s Şemdinli district, according to private broadcaster Kanal D.
The Turkish Armed Forces started the operations in the area following a tip on a possible attack the PKK was planning to launch on a Şemdinli police station.
Nearly 90 militants were approaching the station when Turkish Armed Forces intervened, killing 42 of the fighters.
Two more militants surrendered to the security forces. 


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12/13/2012 4:15:40 PM

Well Said @ismail demir @Turk Uzan and @Turther, P.K.K is a terrorist organization, can there be an excuse for terrorising people in that region, Threating, Burning, Bombing, Killing, Extortion, Kiddnaping.. Is this all for Kurdish Issue ??? We have every right to kill them all...

ayten kumalar

12/13/2012 11:38:56 AM

crime never pays, punishment revolves around....


12/13/2012 10:03:12 AM

I guess no one will understand the suffering the cursed P.K.K terrorist organisation has and continues to inflict on innocent Turkish civilians, other than Turks. @ Anges: Yes, that would be a great new years present if all the P.K.K dropped dead on that day! If America can come half way across the world over Al Qeada, a 'terrorist' organisation which the C.I.A actually formed, controls and uses as a scapegoat at will, surely Turkiye has EVERY RIGHT to hunt down actual REAL terrorists, wake up!


12/13/2012 8:46:55 AM

Dear Agnes, Ofcourse its not that simple, killing them will not resolve "what so called as a Kurdish Problem". but there is definetly a hope out there, Turkey has changed

shamal M

12/12/2012 9:48:07 PM

That kind of replicated statement by TAS force in fact has insulting Turkish People. You should have finished the PKK by now.


12/12/2012 9:11:35 PM

This was a cross border operation by the elite special forces called the Maroon Berets. Hail Turkish Armed Forces.

Xir Nuk

12/12/2012 6:02:07 PM

@Turk Usan, ".....putting perfume and paint on a turd...." this is truly scary, I have no words for you.

ismail demir

12/12/2012 5:59:39 PM

@agnes,history shows that the more you give rights to kurds, the more they attack you.Iraq gave to kurds most ethnic rights (education,constitution quota) at 1968.Turkey is the most democratic country from Iraq, iran, Syria until Iraq election.Most bloody kurdish uprising occur in Iraq, Turkey is the second.Kurds obey Assad Syria much even many of them did not have citizenship rights (they couldnot work in state, didnot get passaport).Not need to mention violation of personal rights of iran.

Turk Uzan

12/12/2012 5:34:51 PM

@ Xir Nuk, really? So it's not the PKK that's to blame for planning a terrorist attack, but WE for preventing it? Are you even serious? I am a 100% proud on our soldiers and what they did. You're hypocrisy is astonishing .. if the PKK wasn't bombing, attacking, kidnapping in the first place, there wouldn't be ANY of the killings. You can try and justify terrorism in anyway you want, but putting perfume and paint on a turd won't make any better.

Erdogan Erdogan

12/12/2012 4:58:39 PM

So Turkey can kill when and you never know nothing who was killed or they arrest you if you tell...
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