LOCAL > 13 social media suspects accused of 'provoking riots' in southern Turkey released after testimonies

ADANA – Doğan News Agency

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Thirteen suspects in Turkey’s Adana have been sent to court over accusations of provoking riots through their social media posts, according to Doğan news agency. AA photo

Thirteen suspects in Turkey’s Adana have been sent to court over accusations of provoking riots through their social media posts, according to Doğan news agency. AA photo

Thirteen suspects in Turkey’s Adana were released after testifying to Adana’s public prosecutor following charges of provoking riots which landed them in court.

The suspects were sent to court earlier on June 10 over accusations of provoking riots through their social media posts.

The 13 suspects were accused of provoking protesters through posts on Twitter and Facebook during the Gezi Park protests in Ankara, and of organizing crowds to cause damage to their surroundings and throw stones at the police forces. They were detained on June 10 and were sent to court following medical examinations.

Investigations continue on the matter.

Adana locals witnessed police intervention overnight as protesters attempted to march towards the Akkapu district, but faced police opposition on the way. Forces used TOMA vehicles and tear gas to disperse the crowds.


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Notice on comments

Mehmet Ungrateful

6/10/2013 10:27:13 PM

Beyond belief how he can come up with excuses to arrest innocent children, beyond belief how his followers believe what he is doing is absolutely for the good.

Fred Doyle

6/10/2013 9:49:03 PM

@Rudi the police have a choice. No one is forcing them to be a police officer. They follow orders, order that are sometimes unjust and illegal. Why do they follow these orders, they like their pay, benefits, etc...at what price. Is it there job to beat Turks into submission? Or to enforce the laws? The police are now AKP brown shirts. The world needs ditch diggers too!

mara mcglothin

6/10/2013 5:43:01 PM

ROGER HARDING The time to arrest the PM would be after his protests this week should they cause violence to erupt. It looks like he is going to have a showdown in the streets and to me that is inciting civil war. I would hope that would be similar to screaming fire in a loaded theatre, wouldn't you?


6/10/2013 4:59:14 PM

The video from Adana clearly shows rock-throwers among the police. Undoubtedly they were rewarded not charged,

Tekion Particle

6/10/2013 4:46:24 PM

RTE is provoking violence publicly all the time, why don't they arrest him?

mara mcglothin

6/10/2013 4:20:40 PM

Is anyone really surprised by the backward behavior of the government at this point? Perhaps the esteemed PM will testify against these "criminals". He seems to be digging a bigger hole than ever before, and I am confident that the normal Turkish citizen is fed up with it and will now take action.


6/10/2013 3:00:15 PM

@Eric Martin. You are absolutely right. "This is not about trees in Gezi Park." Here is what it is about. It is about freedom of speech and freedom of expression, It is about the right to protest anorthodox government policies aiming to control peoples lives based on an islamist's religious agenda. It is about Mr. Erdogan's almighty egocentrism. It is about the freedom of choice to be secular rather than theocratic. It is about Turkey being a democracy and not a theocracy. And so on... Regards

Roger Harding

6/10/2013 2:54:34 PM

What a joke! Arrest Erdogan first. For provoking and dividing Turkey.

Eric Martin

6/10/2013 12:53:32 PM

If by saying dictatorship you mean freely elected then yes he is a dictator ;So is Obama and Cameron. This is not about trees in Gezi Park.

mehmet ud

6/10/2013 12:50:18 PM

I support demonstration for anyone who is sincere and open. But with hidden agenda and false propaganda, it becomes insincere and dangerous. These liars where photoshopping 10 years old images and pictures of brutality from other countries which they tried to fabricate on the Turkish police. Im not against social media but it could become a danger to kids and society when criminals start taking advantage of it. I hope MIT is constantly monitoring and weeding these criminals out.
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