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Turkey’s blue cruise lists include some of the most pristine bays in the world. These areas promise summer visitors a relaxing vacation with natural beauty and laid back atmospheres. 

Here is a list of the top 10 bays in Turkey to stop and enjoy the sea.

1. Gökgemile – Dalaman

Situated on Turkey’s southwestern coast, close to the Kapıdağ peninsula of the Dalaman district, Gökgemile is an untouched bay covered with lush trees. It has a particularly quiet and tranquil atmosphere and crystal clear water.

2. Gideros Bay – Kastamonu

Situated in one of the country’s greenest areas, the western Black Sea region, Gideros Bay in the province of Kastamonu will fully satisfy you with its green and blue views. The bay has a calming charm which is unique to the Black Sea region, which is also famous for its deep forests.

3. Sazak – Antalya

Sazak is perhaps the best loved bay in the Mediterranean province of Antalya, resembling a heaven on earth. The calm and pretty bay is the first stop that every boat on blue cruises visits. It is surrounded by mountains and locals also refer to it as “Honeymoon Bay.”

4. Adrasan – Antalya

Another beautiful Mediterranean bay in Antalya’s Kumluca is the Adrasan Bay. The green and blue bay is one of the unchanging routes for the region’s blue cruises and boat trips.

5. Bencik Bay – Marmaris

The Aegean Sea’s southwestern beauty, the Bencik Bay, is close to the Gökova gulf and has breath-taking natural beauty. It is one of the exceptionally pristine bays in the area, which can be visited on boat trips. 

6. Akvaryum Bay – Datça

Akvaryum Bay is on the southern coast, where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean in the Datça Peninsula. This reputable and unique bay has such clear waters that you can watch the fish and sea creatures, as it is one of the most clean and beautiful bays in the area. The Akvaryum Bay is thus a perfect spot for diving.

7. Bozukkale – Marmaris

On the west coast, close to Bozburun island in the Marmaris district, Bozukkale Bay is one of the most peaceful and beautiful spots in the area, featuring a pretty little beach with tiny pebbles and stones.

8. Poruklu Koyu – Fethiye

Situated on the Mediterranean coast, in the district of Fethiye in Muğla province, Poruklu Bay is preferred by visitors for its particularly warm water. 

9. Büyük Çatı – Gökova

This Mediterranean bay dazzles its visitors surrounded by green hills. One of the most pristine bays in the Gökova peninsula, Büyük Çatı does not contain any hotel or guest house, which makes the area particularly peaceful.

10. Suvla Bay –Çanakkale

Suvla Bay is one of the best alternatives in northwest Turkey in the Marmara region, situated on the Saros Gulf. Suvla Bay is a pristine bay surrounded by soft sand and mountains, depicting a perfect natural view.


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